Bride accidentally sends sensitive pics to wedding preparatory WhatsApp group

Members of a wedding preparatory WhatsApp group were left in shock with shame-filled all over their faces when a bride to be accidentally sent her nude photos and a video of her ‘pium pium’ to the group instead of her husband.

According to the insiders, the message that accompanied the photos was ‘I hope you are preparing for this on that night’

Watch video here

However, the sender who didn’t know about this was made aware by the group members and she deleted the messages but the photos and the video had gone to the wrong hands.

The bride, was heart broken and was later taken to a councilor who brought her back to her senses. She later sent an apology to the group.

When contacted by this blog, she hesitated to talk but would later say that she feels like changing everything about her including name, phone and if possible, go for plastic surgery to change her image or appearance because thousands of people have seen her nakedness and can use it at some point to blackmail her.

‘I can’t erase that from the memory bank. I have to throw the whole phone away, and even change my face,’ she said.

“It’s however a lesson to me and I should wear my glasses well next time before hitting that send button,” she added.

Watch video here

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