The former Japan Soccer League

Currently, the J.League is the top level of Japanese football. You can visit in order to place wagers on all its matches. This championship was established in 1993. Prior to the creation of this highly dynamic football tournament, there was another interesting tournament called the Japanese Soccer League.

This tournament was different from other football leagues. Plenty of football leagues from all over the world can be wagered on the 1xBet website as well. The teams, rather than being private entities of their own or publicly-owned companies, were parts of major Japanese companies. Yet, the tournament was still very entertaining.

Workers of major corporations

Japan has some huge companies and industries that are among the world’s leaders in their respective realms. The players of their teams that participated in the JSL were not professional footballers. Instead, they were workers of those companies. You can now make live betting with 1xBet website on the great Japanese football teams that currently exist.

The tournament was established in 1965, and until 1971, only a single division existed. However, in order to increase the competitiveness of the tournament, in 1972 it was decided to add a second level to the tournament. From that point on, teams could be promoted and relegated between both levels. Making live betting with the 1xBet website has never been easier, and by wagering on Japanese football, you have the chance of winning greatly.

Winning teams

In total, 27 seasons of the Japanese Soccer League were played between 1965 and 1992. Nine teams won the tournament at least once. Besides football bets, wagering on virtual sports can be highly rewarding, and is the perfect website to do that.

The most winning teams of the JSL were:

  • Yomiuri FC;
  • Mazda SC;
  • Mitsubishi Motors;
  • Yanmar Diesel;
  • Fujita SC;
  • and Nissan Motor.

Both Yomiuri FC and Mazda SC were the most successful teams of the tournament, winning five titles each. If you think who is likely to win a particular football league, then you can go to the 1xBet website and wager on it. Mitsubishi Motors and Yanmar Diesel were also quite successful in their own right, as each one of them won four titles.

Eventually, the final season of the Japanese Soccer League was played in 1992. The then-brand new J.League began immediately after.

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