Why our fixed matches are not available for everyone

Fixed games exist and will always exist at certain levels, but the settlement itself is what we will consider at this point.

There are actually a lot of types of match-fixing. At a meeting, you can know the result before it starts. However, there are options to get the so-called “Comebacks” for the 2 halves or just a team to win.

There are variants in which the settled match is only in respect of certain corners or cards, for example. These are small sporting events that are not given as much attention.

Football, however, is not boxing, nor is tennis. Here we have 22 players, at least 12 reserves, more than 5 coaching staffs, and at least 4 referees. You realize that in Fixed matches there is no way for bookmakers to benefit, so such information should be kept away from them, and in no case should it be understood by football associations or football-related officials, because very severe sanctions follow… Now you understand how difficult it is to settle a match under these conditions, and that’s not all!

Fixing works in two ways – first, the fixer must successfully influence someone who will do his job – a coach, a player, a team owner, or an official.

Of course, it is difficult for one person to do this whole scheme on their own, and usually at least a few are involved. Now, in order for these people to get their initial investment back and make a serious profit, they have to bet serious money. This is about millions. The problem is that bookmakers have a limit on bets and cannot accept such insane amounts.

Therefore, individuals are forced to bet their fat bundles elsewhere where it is accepted.

So, the second step is to contact agents or just the “right people” in Asia (mostly in Malaysia, Singapore, China, or Thailand) to get the job done on the illegal Asian gambling market, which is worth tens of millions of dollars.

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